The Lady Naxals of Dandakaranya

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Battle-hardened, fiercely committed to their cause and proud of the identity the movement gives them, the woman Maoists here are every bit as fierce as their male comrades.

1 JUNGLE GROOMING: The occasional use of coconut oil in their hair is probably the biggest fashion statement women Naxals can make

2 THE LEADER: Commander Tarakka cleaning her rifle at a Maoist camp

3 BATTLE TRAINING: Maoist guerillas are highly motivated and well prepared for hostilities

4 NIGHT: With continuous rain, it feels like Vietnam

5 CONSTANTLY COMMUNICATING: Commander Samayya signals other guerillas to stop during a training session

6 ON THE JOB: A Maoist guerilla readies for a patrol

7 PREDICAMENT: Kicked by the State, do these Adivasis have a choice?

8 ALWAYS MARCHING: Guerillas are always on the move—for their safety’s sake

9 AND STILL LISTENING: In a remote part of a dense forest, a Maoist guerilla tunes into BBC Radio