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A Mumbai couple’s curious date with marriage

The wedding of Brandon Pereira and Emilia D’Silva might have been the perfect one for them, but, all in all, it took three years and some rather interesting numbers. They got engaged on 10/10/10, got a court registration on 11/11/11 and held a grand church wedding on 12/12/12.

But they didn’t really plan it that way. Emilia says it was destiny. They had been dating for almost 10 years when Brandon proposed to Emilia in 2009.

When they finally decided to get engaged, they zeroed in on 10/10/10 only because of logistical reasons. “Brandon works in the UAE, and it was a date he could be in India on. I got leave and many of our relatives made it, as it was an engagement. So it worked out like that as it was convenient for us,” says Emilia.

Then in 2011, when they decided to get married, fates aligned again. “We had gone to the court a month and a half before we wanted a date, and they offered us 11/11/11 as one of the dates. We had to take it then!” she adds. And that more or less decided it for them. They were not going to let 12/12/12 go.

“These dates were not going to come for a long time now. And so we wanted to have a big church wedding with our family and celebrate our union,” says Brandon. And so, they got married on 12/12/12 at a ceremony at Bandra’s Mount Mary Church. And though Emilia says the couple doesn’t believe in lucky dates and all that, and are firm believers of the fact that “what has to happen will happen”, they do feel now that this was a special wedding. She says, “As our priest told us, it’s a unique series, but you are a unique couple. So that adds up. And I hope we will be happy forever.”