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If Apple had to make an Android phone, this is what it would look like
4.7 inch 1080p display | aluminium case | Android | Beats Audio

The attention to detail in terms of design and features of the HTC One, seems like this phone maker will finally get the prominence it deserves. An all-aluminium case that is beautiful, light, and feels good in your hands; a beautiful (I can say that this is the best screen on a phone I have seen) 4.7 inch 1080p display, and beautiful grills on top and bottom, show you the time and energy HTC has spent in designing this model.

There are two touch sensitive buttons on the front—one to take you back to ‘home’, and the other to take you to the previous screen. The power button is on the top and it also doubles as an infrared port, which means you can use a remote control software to control your other devices right from your phone.

HTC One features what HTC calls its ‘Ultrapixel Camera’. This is sharp, fast and delivers great photos. The camera performs well both in low light photography and video making.

On one side of the phone is a volume rocker, while the other side has a micro SIM slot. There is no expandable memory on this phone, and that may be a slight downside for some buyers who need such flexibility .

HTC has partnered with Beats Audio for sound technology on this phone, and it performs well when it comes to multimedia content.

Overall, if you want a phone that looks good, feels good in your hand, is sharp, and gives you everything that an iPhone does while running an Android operating system, the HTC One is by far the best phone I have seen till now. The only downside—its battery life, though HTC has built in a power optimiser.