The latest match-fixing scandal

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Even though cleared by the ICC, McCullum can be charged for not reporting the matter earlier
Excerpts of confidential statements from the New Zealand (NZ) cricket captain Brendon McCullum and former batsman Lou Vincent to ICC’s Anti-Corruption Security Unit (ACSU) were recently leaked to the media. The excerpts revealed a number of match-fixing details and a certain former player—referred to as ‘Player X’ and rumoured to be former all- rounder Chris Cairns—who approached them.

According to McCullum, Player X had offered him up to $180,000 per match to underperform in cricket matches. The player first approached him in Kolkata in 2008 before the start of the inaugural Indian Premier League (IPL) and later again in England during New Zealand’s tour there. Player X told him all the “big boys” were involved and he had a group of players working for him in the now-defunct Indian Cricket League and wanted McCullum to do the same for him in the IPL.

McCullum told ACSU that he does not remember the names of players who X said were involved, although he recollects thinking most of them were Asian cricketers. McCullum is believed to have turned Player X down, although he can be charged for failing to report the matter earlier. In December 2013, media reports stated that Vincent, Cairns and NZ bowler Daryl Tuffey were under investigation for fixing matches.

The latest leaks state that Vincent has identified a number of others who were involved, including Player X, and some of the matches that were fixed. These apparently include a number of county and domestic Twenty20 tournaments.

Since the leak, ICC has clarified thatMcCullum is not under investigation, while Cairns claims reports alleging that he is Player X are false. In 2010, Cairns won a defamation suit he filed against Lalit Modi, who had claimed he was involved in fixing matches.