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Sweep! It’s AAP all the way

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AAP chief ministerial candidate Arvind Kejriwal is likely to take oath on 14 February - exactly one year after he resigned as the Delhi chief minister
Dunia ne dekha hai dum, Dilli jeet gaye hain hum. Paanch Saal Kejriwaal (The world has seen our powers, we have conquered Delhi. Five years for Kejriwaal) The enchanting doesn’t stop this morning at Patel Nagar office of Aam Aadmi Party. All the top leaders of the party were reaching the office one by one. Kumar Vishwas was the first to reach the office. As the victory margins grew and the trends for more seats became available, the crowd outside also swelled to its full capacity. There is music, dance and all excitement outside the office.

Occasional addresses by leaders make the crowd turned frenzy. In between Vishwas turns up with his poetry and information on whom all are winning from where. Even the leaders had not expected such a landslide win. “My expectation was 45 to 50 but the people of Delhi have showered love on us,” says Vishwas.

When Yogendra Yadav reaches the party office the crowd tries to run over him. Yadav advises the workers to maintain peace and calm. “We should not behave like what other political parties do in victory. We are different.”

Inside the office a meeting is going on in front of TV screen where leaders are discussing the final tally and also the day of oath ceremony. Some say the final number of seat should be 65.

Suddenly a debate comes about 15 February, the day when Kejriwal should take oath. A young AAP worker mentions that on 15 February, there is an important match between India and Pakistan for the cricket World Cup.

Phone calls are made immediately and it is decided that the oath taking ceremony will be held a day before - on 14 February. Kejriwal had resigned from the chief minister’s post last year on 14 February and hence it would be exactly one year after he would take charge again.

At the party office, the crowd now is waiting for one speech and that would be of Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal has not reached party office and is still at his house in Kaushambi. But the leaders inform that he is expected any moment here and will give the victory speech.