Atreyee Majumder

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Internet Rehab

When she realised she was checking Twitter before brushing her teeth in the morning, Atreyee Majumder figured she had to sober up. Especially if she wanted to finish her PhD thesis in this lifetime

Diary of a Thin Girl

The American medical establishment was unnerved by her body measurements and threatened ‘tough decisions’ if she didn’t reform herself. Casting directors find her ideal to play domestic-abuse victim. But cabbies carry her luggage to the door. Always.

Of Scrubs and Girls

Still new to the West, Atreyee Majumder wonders what it is that so affects her when a maid bends under her chair at home in India to scrub out a speck of dust, while a janitor in uniform evokes no feeling at all

The Tiger Mom Debate

A Yale professor’s tough-love parenting memoir has stirred up America, what with Ivy Leaguers backing the Chinese approach. A report from Yale