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Aunty Kapoor

Manju Kapur’s reviewers, like her many readers, are almost invariably women. Here’s looking at HenLit from a male perspective

The Dream Life

A Kenyan diplomat squeezes a few frugal minutes out of his apparently hectic first secretary’s life to talk about his India sojourn and the laid-back life back home

The Man Who Never Got 100

How does it feel to contemplate Sachin Tendulkar’s feat of 50 Test hundreds from the vantage of another gritty Indian opener who got none? We asked Chetan Pratap Singh Chauhan

My Settlement with NewsX

Television channel NewsX was a high-profile venture with Vir Sanghvi at the helm. But all of a sudden the promoters turned against the journos. Its executive editor was called to the office basement, intimidated, presented with a resignation letter to sign and threatened with a string of charges that belatedly included surfing porn on the office laptop. Then came redemption