Faiza S. Khan

Faiza S. Khan relocated to Karachi from London three years ago, specifically not to find herself. She is the administrator of a short story prize and editor-in-chief of literary journal, The Life Too Short Review.

Articles by Author

More than a Woman

To rail against polygamy is to suggest a quick cosmetic fix for a far more deeply rooted problem. It is the rights of women that require urgent improvement, and one’s revulsion is better served there.

A Day at the Karachi Litfest

I so look forward to the day when cultural activities in Pakistan can be judged on merit rather than the apparently astonishing fact that they exist to begin with.

Leap of Faith

To look to Islam for answers to why Pakistan’s dispossessed, brainwashed militants are carrying on in the name of religion is to fall for the greatest red herring of this age.

Take a Chance on Me?

Girls in spandex singing ABBA may well be the last stand against the Taliban, but it’s also still just girls in spandex singing ABBA.