Jatin Gandhi

Jatin Gandhi has covered politics and policy for over a decade now for print, TV and the web. He is Deputy Political Editor at Open.

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Lahore Namah!

As things look up between India and Pakistan again, the Chandigarh and Lahore press clubs resume a series of annual media conferences, the last of which was held in Chandigarh in 2005. This October was Lahore’s turn.

Wheels within Wheels

The BJP wants to keep its bid for power simple, but LK Advani’s yatra and Narendra Modi’s fast have a complex context

The Post-Anna Political Arena

The Lokpal issue, as Rahul Gandhi appears to fear, has left the Congress at risk of losing its young urban voters. But whether the BJP will gain them is not clear

The Seven-Year Itch

Sonia Gandhi loyalist Pulok Chatterjee replaces Manmohan’s man TKA Nair. But that alone isn’t enough to fix the PMO