Jatin Gandhi

Jatin Gandhi has covered politics and policy for over a decade now for print, TV and the web. He is Deputy Political Editor at Open.

Articles by Author

Cloud over Kargil

Even after more than a decade of the Kargil War, uneasy questions remain unanswered. Why was the Pakistan army allowed in the first place to intrude into areas under the command of the Indian Army?

Half Measures in Guwahati

If the Bharatiya Janata Party is keen to regain power at the Centre, its latest party conclave showed that it wouldn’t like it to happen anytime soon

See-saw Expectations

India just saw its worst ever session of Parliament. But it has left the NDA energised and aiming for a quick return to power at the Centre

The X-Tapes and the BJP

The unbridled glee in the BJP camp over the 2G scam could soon turn to gloom. The Radia tapes also expose how their own party functions.

Rail, Road, Rahul

Nitish is cruising on development, Lalu is peddling a turnaround story, Rahul is planning for the future, and everyone else seems to be shunning ‘Modi’