Jatin Gandhi

Jatin Gandhi has covered politics and policy for over a decade now for print, TV and the web. He is Deputy Political Editor at Open.

Articles by Author

Light at Last

It has taken a while, but the Rohtang Tunnel project could alter everything, from defence to tourism—unless ecological degradation gets in the way.

Conflict Cuisine

A Pittsburgh restaurant that stretches the limits of American palatability. It serves food from a country at conflict with the US, peppered with a hearty sprinkling of discussion.

Ghost at the Banquet

Nitish Kumar’s outburst against an ad put out by his alliance partner in Bihar raises some questions. Is he play acting? Or is he about to sever ties with the BJP?

Armed Indecision

Should the Army take on the Centre’s battle against Maoists? The Home and Defence ministries are at odds over the question. Here’s the state of the battle within.