Lakshmi Chaudhry

Lakshmi Chaudhry has worked at or written for almost every liberal rag in the United States, from the Village Voice to to the Nation. She currently lives in Bangalore where she's working on getting a life.

Articles by Author

The Lexus and the Olive Creed

Lifestyle dining at this upscale restaurant thrives on the patronage of its celebrity clientele and the suitably loaded who will pay for the social privilege of that company.

Can’t Get No Self-Satisfaction

In this age of liberty, women talking about sexual intercourse raises few eyebrows. But the practice or open discussion of masturbation somehow remains a largely male domain.

The Bespoke Marriage

We’re all shoppers now, armed with a long list of requirements for the exactly right kind of car, dress, cellphone, computer, or life partner.

For the Love of Marriage

It is easy enough to blame much of what went awry on an antiquated model of marriage, yet those who married for love in my generation don’t seem to have fared any better.

Meat Is the New Black

The newfound meat fetishism of well-heeled Indians reflects their desire to be seen as jetsetting bon vivants with a discriminating palate.

Sex and the City

Are one-night stands as unIndian as apple pie? Does the liberated bharatiya naari only have sex with strings attached?