Pallavi Polanki

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Where Men are from Venus

The Delhi HC has said men who have consensual sex with men are not criminals anymore. But at Love Life Society, a network of HIV positive homosexual men, liberation means much more

Netting a Match

An intimate look at the lives of two working girls from Chennai who put themselves through the modern rituals of finding a groom on a matrimonial site

The Pulp Feminist

Betrayal victim, drama queen, media manipulator. Fiza has been called all these. But she sees herself as a liberator of women

Childhood Aborted

A 12-year-old girl gave birth on a pavement, alone. Today, she is defined more by perceptions than by who she really is

Class of 2009

Graduation day is here but there’s no party this year. You’ve heard the IIM-IIT story. Here’s a report from real India, beyond the big campuses