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S Prasannarajan is the Editor of Open magazine

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‘I have an ill-defined yearning to belong to some stretch of this earth’

Zia Haider Rahman’s first novel, In the Light of What We Know, is already the literary event of the year (reviewed in Open, ‘A Groundbreaking Work of Staggering Genius’, 23 June 2014). Born in Bangladesh and educated at Oxford, Cambridge and Yale, Rahman has worked as an investment banker and human rights lawyer. The novelist in conversation with S Prasannarajan, editor, Open magazine

Westward Ho!

India can do without China envy, but it needs to make use of democracy with more vigour. And that is what India expects from Prime Minister Modi

No Harm, Cry a Little More

It is cool to be a leader with a dash of emotionalism. There are occasions when shedding tears—or holding them back—in front of television cameras is the right thing to do.

The Right Man

The most audacious journey in the politics of India comes to a historic finale as Narendra Modi, a lone man on a mission, inherits an India transformed by his ideas of modernity

Anyone but the One

The One is Modi now, and at this moment in Indian politics, as the poet would have said, the performer and the performance have become one.