Sajeda Momin

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The Rage Against Burkha

In Europe’s furore over this garment worn by Muslim women, there is no clarity on why it should be banned, let alone how it gels with liberal values.

Olympian Heights

London’s tallest structure, dwarfing the Statue of Liberty by 22 metres, is being designed by Indian-origin sculptor Anish Kapoor. And what’s more, NRI Lakshmi Mittal is footing the bill.

Racist Recruit

Rajinder Singh is a retired school teacher who migrated to the UK in 1967 and ironically started supporting a party that demanded the forcible repatriation of all non-Europeans. Now, he is about to go down in history as the first non-White mascot of the British National Party.

Till Taxes Do Us Part

Tax incentives for marriage are witnessing a big political wrangle in the UK, with the Conservatives convinced that bad fiscal policies for married couples are to blame for Britain’s ‘broken society’.

The Man Who Remembers

Professor Samuel Martin Burke is the oldest living person to have served the Indian Civil Service. He
speaks little, but has a memory to treasure

Minding the Gap

The London Underground will now have train drivers enlightening passengers with words of wisdom from famous philosophers