Shahina KK

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Thirsty State Pvt Ltd

Kerala has 44 rivers and 300 cm of annual rainfall but is on its way to acute water scarcity. A government move to turn water over to the private sector promises to complicate the problem

17 Years of Solitude

The psychological abyss that the Suryanelli rape victim and her family have been living in because she dared name PJ Kurien

Prisoner of an Image

Why no one speaks for Abdul Nasser Madani, the ailing politician who has been kept behind bars for years on evidence that is suspect, and how reporting on him made me a target of the Karnataka police

The Tall Task of Marking Maradona

Extra tall men were once seen as freaks in Kerala. But a tall people’s association has won them acceptance and special jobs--as security guards for Diego Maradona, for example