Swapan Dasgupta

Swapan Dasgupta is India's foremost conservative writer and columnist

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Nehru vs Patel: The Towering Two

Nehru and Patel didn’t fight. They worked as a team from Independence to Patel’s death in 1950, with Nehru as the leader.However, these two towering personalities were never similar. Their approaches were divergent. In time, they would probably have parted ways. That parting didn’t happen

The Equaliser

Modi has used the Union Budget to create the architecture of an India where India and Bharat can begin to complement each other

Open Diary

A Rajya Sabha speech that wasn't made, the festive spirit, and the world's best mango chutney

Open Diary

The trouble with trade talks, European attitudes towards the Modi dispensation, Christmas as a food festival and the rise of rightwing intellectual spaces

Open Diary

High-key sexual harassment charges and the low-key centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution