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Great Indian Money Illusion

Graph gazers say you should be pleased. India is nearing double digit economic growth once again. It’s boom time. But if that only makes you wonder which planet they are from, you are entirely justified. Here is why you are not as well off as the GDP graph suggests.

Who Referees Referees?

Decision bloopers this World Cup have stirred a lively debate on the adoption of technical aids. Because human errors in refereeing are making the difference between victory and defeat quite often.

It Was a Classic

Germany’s 4-1 defeat of England at the World Cup, despite the refereeing controversy, will be a match long remembered.

Stay South, Mani Sir

One of South India’s most talented directors is proving himself an utter waste in trying to appeal to a wider market, his Raavan being a glaring case in point.

Gold Glows Anew

The traditional metal has been the hottest investment bet this volatile season. And there’s money on it for a reason.

The Big Bucks

World Cup fever has gripped well-off, upper-end Indian audiences. Alas, Indian advertisers are looking away. They are busy chasing the TRPs of India-Sri Lanka cricket.