Trisha Gupta

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Going Mainstream

How translation from Indian languages to English is giving regional literature a dedicated new readership, turning linguistic rivals into potential allies

A Sense of Belonging

Twenty-eight contemporary artists explore the idea of home not only as a physical space, but also in terms of racial identity, sexuality and even languages that are dying out

An Insider’s View

Richard Bartholomew, as a compilation of his writings reveals, was an art critic who didn’t let his friendships with the top artists of his time suppress his voice

Life in a Dream

Project Cinema City excavates quirky connections between the Hindi film industry and the city of Bombay

The Biography of a Song

Spandan Banerjee’s National Award winning documentary traces the origins of a popular Bengali folk song and its strange journey across the world

Oh, Calcutta

The Kalighat paintings were remarkable critiques of city life in early 19th century Calcutta, even when the subjects were ostensibly religious ones