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A Happy Short Story

Loser wakes up early morning to find a note by his side where his wife should be. She’s quit on him. Note says she can’t live with someone who has got the sack. The bell rings. Loser jumps out of bed, opens the door, but, no, it’s not her. There’s a newspaper there where his wife should be. He looks at page 1 and two items get his attention. There’s a provident fund scam and there’s a stock market scam. Loser’s got all his money in stocks. Loser’s got PF coming after the sack. So Loser’s now wifeless and bankrupt. He goes inside, drinks a bottle of vinegar, tops it with phenyl and blanks out. Loser wakes up in hospital with a hospital bill he can’t pay and the cops have a case of attempted suicide against him. The cops come for him but the hospital won’t let him go. As he lies on his bed, he hears faint discordant notes of an argument outside. They are quarreling over him. Loser smiles. He feels wanted again. He is happy.