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Answers to the concluding edition of Mindgames (#14). Adios!

Here are the answers to the 14th and, sad to say, the last edition of Mindgames. Thank you, those of you who took the trouble to participate regularly—I do appreciate it. Many of you came close on several occasions, but in all the 14 editions of Mindgames, we have had just one ‘all correct’ entry (from Anand Kadkol). Before I go, I just want to say ‘hats-off’ to Anand.


A1. Mulayam Singh Yadav who said women MP’s would get whistled at if there were more of them in Parliament, thanks to the proposed Women’s Reservation Bill.

A2. Freida Pinto from Slumdog Millionaire. (Image is of Dharavi)

A3. The Moskva. The Indian deity shown is Brahma. (‘Brahmos’ was in the news recently and the ‘Mos’ in the word is from the Russian river, Moska.)

A4. Cherry Blossom. (The hat and the stick in the picture belong to ‘Charlie Chaplin’, and we all know which brand of shoe polish uses a ‘Charlie Chaplin’ to promote itself.)

A5. The bowler not shown in the picture is Joginder Sharma. This is the famous ‘final shot’ by Misbah-ul-Haq that he played in the final of the inaugural world Twenty20 championship, which India won.

A6. The person in the picture is Ayrton Senna. His nephew, Bruno Senna, races in F1 for Hispania Racing. And so does Karun Chandok.

A7. The lady with the elephant obsession, Mayawati of UP. The elephant is the Bahujan Samaj Party electoral symbol, which explaisn why Mayawati would like it plastered all over Uttar Pradesh.

A8. The deity shown in the picture is the Hindu God of Fire, Agni, which also happens to be the name of the series of ballistic missiles India has test-launched off Wheeler Island that is located just off the coast of Odisha. (Old name, Orissa)

A9. The hat and the ‘hare ears’ should have been dead giveaways. That apart, the movie this party features in is very much in the news. Final answer: The Mad Hatter’s tea-party from Alice in Wonderland.

A10. The yellow hair belongs to Calvin. The whiskers: Hobbes. The incomplete picture: Calvin and Hobbes. The cartoonist is Bill Waterson