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How the government had you fooled with its new austerity drive


25 Sep 2013 | BY Amit Baruah

Why must India and Pakistan rely on Western reports for news on each other?


4 Jul 2013 | BY Amit Baruah

The perils of getting carried away with high-pitched rhetoric against China


2 May 2013 | BY Amit Baruah

An irrational stance on the 2009 suffering of Tamils in Sri Lanka will do no good


20 Mar 2013 | BY Amit Baruah

The UK PM’s visit to Amritsar was a poor scrawl in the visitors book of a country that has dealt surprisingly well with its colonial past.


21 Feb 2013 | BY Amit Baruah

The man who has taken on Narendra Modi says he has gone beyond thinking about personal consequences


8 Dec 2012 | BY Amit Baruah

CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat dwells on the difficulties his party faces in the 2011 West Bengal Assembly election, the threat from Maoists and more


12 Nov 2009 | BY Amit Baruah
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