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Why do women filmmakers in India not want to talk of sexual violence?


22 May 2013 | BY Annie Zaidi

Ah, the joys of reading a diasporic story that’s not angsting itself silly over finding one’s roots


26 Mar 2012 | BY Annie Zaidi

In a world inundated with books, a female writer’s sexiness serves as a handy marketing tool. But, Annie Zaidi warns, this can prove counter-productive to a writer who wants to be taken seriously


12 Feb 2012 | BY Annie Zaidi

Aastha Atray Banan’s attempt to bring in life after romance pops the glorious  mirage that M&B entitles us to


11 Jan 2012 | BY Annie Zaidi

A long time ago, India set out to eradicate dowry. Have we failed so badly that we’ve stopped trying?


11 Nov 2011 | BY Annie Zaidi
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