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Global observers may knit their brows over this brazen shrug at conventional economic wisdom, but India’s Fiscal Responsibility Act is not carved in stone


4 Mar 2015 | BY Aresh Shirali

The Four Canons of Taxation outlined in Adam Smith’s 1776-published classic, The Wealth of Nations, still make for a superb set of first principles


29 Jan 2015 | BY Aresh Shirali

Has OPEC been rendered a relic of the past? Saudi oil price aggression suggests so, but tensions in the Middle East could flare up


11 Dec 2014 | BY Aresh Shirali

And to think he hit upon the internet almost by accident on a trip to America as an interpreter!


25 Sep 2014 | BY Aresh Shirali

Ford shaped the previous century in no small measure and could yet shape this one too


11 Sep 2014 | BY Aresh Shirali

In an arena where action is rare, ITC may yet have the Subtle Mover’s advantage


10 Jul 2014 | BY Aresh Shirali

A revival hinges on how Arun Jaitley addresses the Centre’s fiscal deficit


3 Jul 2014 | BY Aresh Shirali

A few brands have joined the electoral hurly-burly with messages of their own


18 Mar 2014 | BY Aresh Shirali

Can Governor Raghuram Rajan crush retail inflation to 6 per cent in 22 months?


14 Feb 2014 | BY Aresh Shirali

So, does the success of Dhoom 3 seal Aamir Khan’s reputation as a market whiz?


17 Jan 2014 | BY Aresh Shirali
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