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The splash that Coal India’s mega-offer made still holds an opportunity to turn public perceptions in favour of high dividend yield stocks. Getting a nice sum as a share of profits, after all, is what equity ownership ought to be about


28 Jan 2016 | BY Aresh Shirali

That’s life in a lost state


21 Jan 2016 | BY Aresh Shirali

Mercedes zips past rivals to regain leadership of the Indian luxury car market. A story foretold not by the night sky but by a blurry flag


20 Jan 2016 | BY Aresh Shirali

As the boss of OPEC, a cartel that has given the world many an ‘oil shock’ in the past, Saudi Aramco is no ordinary company. Can such an entity be privatised even fractionally?


14 Jan 2016 | BY Aresh Shirali

Instead of governments going libertarian with ‘nudge’ policies, businesses appear to be turning more and more coercive. Taxi-hailing services are a fine example


7 Jan 2016 | BY Aresh Shirali

If reach out is what one must do, then one needs to be on Facebook. And if its adoption involves the betrayal of a tribe of fellow FB naysayers only rumoured to exist, so be it


17 Dec 2015 | BY Aresh Shirali

Indian political discourse is not a lost cause. A good grounding in an old tradition could inspire a revival, argues the political philosopher Bhikhu Parekh


16 Dec 2015 | BY Aresh Shirali

Instead of going the corporate way with top government jobs, a better HR model for IAS officers would be the tenure system that US universities like Harvard have for professors


26 Nov 2015 | BY Aresh Shirali

The masala bonds to be traded on the LSE are a timely idea, but for these to acquire a reputation for safety, global investors would need to be assured of the rupee’s stability


19 Nov 2015 | BY Aresh Shirali

The work of Nobel laureate Angus Deaton arms us for the fight against poverty and reminds us that Economics should focus on welfare more than wealth


15 Oct 2015 | BY Aresh Shirali
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