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Two recent books remind us that many of our best-loved stories that feature animals have engaged children as much as they have intrigued adult readers


19 Nov 2012 | BY Arpita Das

If sexual explicitness caused the most outrage in the early phase of book bans in India, there was a point after which it became almost entirely about religion


6 May 2012 | BY Arpita Das

What’s so ‘non’ about literary work that is based on reportage and commentary? Let’s stop subordinating this genre with the term ‘non-fiction’


2 Dec 2011 | BY Arpita Das

The pleasures of being well endowed


2 Oct 2011 | BY Arpita Das

It takes more than the belief that there exists a market for alternative books.


6 Aug 2011 | BY Arpita Das
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