under Atiya Hussain

When director Faiza Ahmad Khan set out to capture this town’s passion for film spoofs, things just fell into place: the funding, a slew of awards, a theatre release. Almost like the way Malegaon’s films get made—miraculously


8 Jul 2012 | BY Atiya Hussain

A coin, a blade, and in the balance, life. How dais can teach modern medicine a thing or two


18 May 2011 | BY Atiya Hussain

Basharat Baba was selected to train in Brazil. It was only once his passport was rejected that he learnt his father was a former militant


10 Mar 2011 | BY Atiya Hussain

As home births come into vogue, pregnant Indians get a helping hand from overseas women who know just how it is done


30 Dec 2010 | BY Atiya Hussain

It’s official: the other WTO has pronounced India an open-air defecation superpower.


26 Nov 2010 | BY Atiya Hussain

Seven years on, another visit to the city’s most famous streetside dosa stall reveals a Thirukumar Kandasamy who has retained everything that made him great, except the modesty


20 Nov 2010 | BY Atiya Hussain

India’s largest slum is built on the creative zeal of entrepreneurs who had no access to finance from banks. But things are changing now


8 Oct 2010 | BY Atiya Hussain
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