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Designers strike a stunning balance between tradition and modernity as the sari becomes the newest style statement


26 Jun 2014 | BY Chinki Sinha

The story of pain, suffering and death from Acute Encephalitis Syndrome that kills hundreds of poor children in Bihar's Muzaffarpur district every year.


20 Jun 2014 | BY Chinki Sinha

As a mystery epidemic kills children in Bihar, we chronicle the horrors of the dead and the living from outside an Intensive Care Unit


19 Jun 2014 | BY Chinki Sinha

Three designers play with textiles, silhouettes and colour to dress up Narendra Modi for every occasion


16 May 2014 | BY Chinki Sinha

Four trendsetters in Indian fashion re-imagine menswear for a cool summer look


2 May 2014 | BY Chinki Sinha

Priyanka on the stump exudes the charisma of her grandmother. A portrait


2 May 2014

Wandering the city at night with photographer Gavin Evans


24 Apr 2014 | BY Chinki Sinha

Where Rahul Gandhi is an ancestral memory and Varun Gandhi is the intimate Other. The dynamics of a dynasty as the author travels through Amethi, Rae Bareily and Sultanpur


21 Apr 2014 | BY Chinki Sinha

In the hinterland of Haryana, it’s a mix of caste and cult


1 Apr 2014 | BY Chinki Sinha

NEW DELHI ~ He had been sitting on the roof of this restaurant in Lahore’s Hira Mandi on a cold winter night when he heard the voice. Across the street, and the mesh of wires, and a million other tangible and amorphous things, the Badshahi Mosque stood. Unmoved, and in between time. For it had crossed over, and was journeying to the next. Age of belief, or disbelief, of suspension, of freedoms, and clashes.


1 Apr 2014 | BY Chinki Sinha
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