under Deepa Bhasthi

Sudarshan Shetty’s new solo show in Bangalore is an exposition of his lifelong preoccupation with dualities, divergences and contradictions


9 Apr 2015 | BY Deepa Bhasthi

Bangalore-based artists Aparna Rao and Soren Pors use technology to explore the mysteries of modern life


26 Jun 2014 | BY Deepa Bhasthi

Art collector Kiran Nadar’s museum project aims to break barriers of art appreciation by attracting popular interest


8 May 2014 | BY Deepa Bhasthi

At a Bangalore art gallery, a printer spins 3D objects out of bright green plastic while an unopened bottle of vodka stands by


14 Nov 2013 | BY Deepa Bhasthi

On a remote hill several miles outside Bangalore, a social and cultural experiment is underway


16 Oct 2013 | BY Deepa Bhasthi

Coffee taster Sunalini Menon is the brain behind Coffeelab. She also loves Ethiopian beans


26 Sep 2013 | BY Deepa Bhasthi

A Bangalore restaurant introduces menu cards for the visually challenged


20 Sep 2013 | BY Deepa Bhasthi

Jyoti Dogra’s brilliantly crafted performance piece, Notes on Chai, discovers the universal in the ordinary


15 Sep 2013 | BY Deepa Bhasthi

Why people who throng Gandhinagar matter so much to Sandalwood, as the Kannada film industry is called


28 Aug 2013 | BY Deepa Bhasthi
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