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India’s economy is in crisis and there exist ways to address it. But it looks as if little will happen until a new government takes office


5 Sep 2013 | BY Devangshu Datta

Political parties that fail to work out the relevance of the economy and its impact on youth aspirations are doomed


13 Mar 2013 | BY Devangshu Datta

Every day, the labs find new substances to dodge existing dope tests. Can WADA do any better than playing catch-up?


16 Feb 2013 | BY Devangshu Datta

Will cash transfer under UID be the Congress’ vote-catcher for 2014 as NREGA was in 2009?


7 Dec 2012 | BY Devangshu Datta

Manmohan Singh in 2012 is a different man. There are powerful reasons though why he must push key reforms


7 Jul 2012 | BY Devangshu Datta

A review of Pranab Mukherjee as finance minister


3 Jul 2012 | BY Devangshu Datta

Anand didn’t play his best chess against Gelfand, and yet, with this win, he has cemented his place among the greats of the game


8 Jun 2012 | BY Devangshu Datta

Spare a moment to recognise and think about your cognitive biases and other behavioural quirks, and you might just make a lot more money


18 Mar 2012 | BY Devangshu Datta

There are things about F1 that put it ahead of mainstream religions in the faith stakes


21 Oct 2011 | BY Devangshu Datta

There’s a job going at Apple Inc. Not the one its maverick co-founder just relinquished, but the other one that involved second-guessing the consumer. Anyone?


2 Sep 2011 | BY Devangshu Datta
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