under Indrajit Hazra

Arun Jaitley plays the Punjabi to perfection in his maiden parliamentary battle from Amritsar. Indrajit Hazra gets a ride in the BJP leader’s campaign Toyota


18 Apr 2014 | BY Indrajit Hazra

Nothing was sacred for the writer who never aged


20 Mar 2014 | BY Indrajit Hazra

Hanif Kureishi’s sharp new novel is not only a riff on the Naipaul-French saga, but also an exploration of his own fascination for writers and their habits


21 Feb 2014 | BY Indrajit Hazra

The withdrawal of Wendy Doniger’s book reflects the increasing influence of the hyper-critic who reads not for pleasure or knowledge, but to spot offensiveness


14 Feb 2014 | BY Indrajit Hazra

Where there are no emotions, just extreme luxury


8 Apr 2013 | BY Indrajit Hazra

What the lack of interest in a spectacular show on Tagore tells us about India’s art brigade


9 Dec 2012 | BY Indrajit Hazra
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