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A startlingly talented group of photographers explores the theme of self and identity through an intensely personal lens


17 Dec 2012 | BY Janice Pariat

Mughal history is so much more interesting when seen through the art and literature patronised and inspired by the emperors


30 Nov 2012 | BY Janice Pariat

An exhibition of Hollywood costumes brings the movies we loved back to life


19 Nov 2012 | BY Janice Pariat

Relive Shakespeare’s life, times and inspirations with this show


9 Nov 2012 | BY Janice Pariat

This exhibition may waver in its portraits of people, but it excels in hinting at stories


26 Sep 2012 | BY Janice Pariat

The Edvard Munch retrospective at the Tate Modern examines the career of an artist who gave the world its best known icon of horror


2 Aug 2012 | BY Janice Pariat

Syed Haider Raza explores his lifelong motif, the traditional Indian bindu, through 14 new works on display at his latest show in London


8 Jul 2012 | BY Janice Pariat

Three artists explore the joys of city strolling and mining its stories. On display under a single roof in a Bangalore gallery are the pleasures of flânerie


25 Jun 2012 | BY Janice Pariat

The apartment of this nameless, absent girl offers the delicious thrill of browsing through another person’s life furtively


18 Jun 2012 | BY Janice Pariat

Rashid Rana explores contemporary experiences of living in a complex, coded world


17 May 2012 | BY Janice Pariat
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