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Austrian artist Eva Schlegel portrays intangible ideas like weight and lightness with the help of concrete elements like lead and iron as well as trick materials like rotor-blade installations and mirrors


9 Mar 2012 | BY Janice Pariat

Pablo Bartholomew seeks to recover a forgotten way of seeing by revisiting his work on Bombay done 25 years ago


18 Jan 2012 | BY Janice Pariat

House of Love, nine ‘short stories’ by artist Dayanita Singh that bring word and image together, is a literary accomplishment


15 Dec 2011 | BY Janice Pariat

An exhibition built around words, their trickery and playfulness, their horrifying power to harm and maim, and their magical ability to conjure imaginative worlds


8 Dec 2011 | BY Janice Pariat

A photographic show that provokes viewers to question what images mean to them


3 Nov 2011 | BY Janice Pariat

Contemporary artists explore the power of illusion in our lives


28 Oct 2011 | BY Janice Pariat

Rap is the new language of dissent among youngsters in Shillong


14 Oct 2011 | BY Janice Pariat

The unpeopled spaces in Rachel Cunningham’s  photographs throb with ghostly life


25 Sep 2011 | BY Janice Pariat

The idea of duality, in their Asian-British heritage as well as their influences, is central to the work of the Singh Twins


9 Sep 2011 | BY Janice Pariat

Yardena Kurulkar’s sculptures capture the shadowy spaces between life and death


2 Sep 2011 | BY Janice Pariat
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