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Make no mistake: it’s no bits-and-pieces politician in the PM’s chair; it’s a statesman pushing India in an irrevocable policy direction.


6 Aug 2009

Sparse rainfall in the country’s bread basket could yield toxic foodgrains. Beware!


16 Jul 2009 | BY Jatin Gandhi

While Rahul Gandhi is now virtually leading the Congress, Maneka continues to fight Varun’s battles


10 Jul 2009 | BY Jatin Gandhi

The government has created unnecessary pressure on itself by declaring a 100-day deadline for setting almost everything right


3 Jul 2009 | BY Jatin Gandhi

Family honour and boarding school rivalry take over campaigning


23 Jun 2009 | BY Jatin Gandhi

Whichever way the BJP chooses to go, it senses trouble. It’s an unenviable problem for a party that rose so dramatically to power not so long ago


22 Jun 2009 | BY Jatin Gandhi

Properties owned by our political leaders seem to be amazing bargains, going by prices quoted in their asset declarations.


19 Jun 2009 | BY Jatin Gandhi

The action has just begun as political parties embark on negotiations for government formation. It’s deal time


18 Jun 2009

As chief of the CPM’s central command, Prakash Karat finds himself presiding over an electoral rout and party disgruntlement


13 Jun 2009 | BY Jatin Gandhi

The party’s heir apparent has seen his youthful experiments in electoral democracy succeed and is now ready to shake the party up


12 Jun 2009 | BY Jatin Gandhi
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