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Sonia Gandhi was expected to turn Congress leadership over to Rahul Gandhi. The failure to do so explains much of the mess the party now finds itself in


25 Mar 2012 | BY Jatin Gandhi

It was supposed to be about a new youth wave that would leave caste, religion and thuggery behind. Alas, it is turning out to be politics as usual


1 Mar 2012 | BY Jatin Gandhi

Why the TMC and JD-U are joining forces in Uttar Pradesh


12 Feb 2012 | BY Jatin Gandhi

Even as the objectives of the previous policy remain unfulfilled, the Government has come out with a new one


5 Feb 2012 | BY Jatin Gandhi

The BJP president’s support for Narendra Modi shows that the race for the party’s PM-probable is still far from closed


27 Jan 2012 | BY Jatin Gandhi

In his aptitude for flying, his ease in reaching out to people, and his desire to be ‘the regular guy’, Rahul Gandhi is quite like his father.


18 Jan 2012

How Germany sees the Eurozone crisis. And why others demur


13 Jan 2012 | BY Jatin Gandhi

Punjab elections of the recent past have been the usual Patiala Royals-versus-Badals clash. This time, there is intra-clan rivalry on display as well


13 Jan 2012 | BY Jatin Gandhi

The Lokpal has been left in the lurch. Who is to blame? Just about everybody who claimed to be in the Bill’s favour


5 Jan 2012 | BY Jatin Gandhi

The Congress launched its bid for power in the state last year. But at Phulpur, instead of taking that campaign ahead, it has regressed to its old ways


18 Nov 2011 | BY Jatin Gandhi
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