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It is time to call a truce—and get to know the microscopic animals inside the zoo that’s the human body


20 Dec 2013 | BY Kalpish Ratna

Close encounters with doctors


29 Sep 2013 | BY Kalpish Ratna

A killer disease returns to Mumbai


28 Aug 2013 | BY Kalpish Ratna

Why India’s strategy to combat polio is mistaken


1 Aug 2013 | BY Kalpish Ratna

The MERS-CoV virus has moved from the Middle East to other parts of the world. The WHO’s Director General calls it her greatest concern


26 Jun 2013 | BY Kalpish Ratna

How the Delhi rape has wrought a prurient me-too madness in the media and the average citizen


21 Jan 2013 | BY Kalpish Ratna

The only way to evade diabetes is to stop evading responsibility for what we eat


14 Jan 2013 | BY Kalpish Ratna

What must we do to survive the persistent onslaught of dengue, malaria, chikungunya, swine flu…?


19 Dec 2012 | BY Kalpish Ratna

Naomi Wolf’s new book on the vagina is as misogynistic as they come


3 Oct 2012 | BY Kalpish Ratna

Signs of the Continental Drift are still visible in this densely populated part of Mumbai


17 May 2012 | BY Kalpish Ratna
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