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Kochadaiiyaan may have disappointed his fans. But the legend of Rajinikanth’s stardom will endure


28 May 2014 | BY Nandini Krishnan

On the occasion of the publication in English of his novel One Part Woman, Tamil writer Perumal Murugan talks about growing up a reader in a family of farmers and getting into trouble writing about caste


10 Feb 2014 | BY Nandini Krishnan

Prospective grooms say the darndest things. Nandini Krishnan gathers stories of hilarious adventures of women in the bizarre world of marriage arrangement


21 Aug 2013 | BY Nandini Krishnan

The Tamil film industry is an extraordinary place


8 Mar 2013 | BY Nandini Krishnan

Through practice and oral gymnastics, some Indians have elevated whistling to an art form


30 Dec 2012 | BY Nandini Krishnan
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