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A civic leadership incubator programme in Bangalore attempts to teach future political leaders skills of governance.


11 Feb 2014 | BY Priyanka Pulla

Modern diseases such as asthma, diabetes and Alzheimer’s are linked to changes in the hundred trillion odd microbes residing in our bodies.


27 Dec 2013 | BY Priyanka Pulla

Why carcinogens are not as scary as made out to be. A review of a book on the dreaded disease by George Johnson, followed by an interview with him


11 Nov 2013 | BY Priyanka Pulla

Early-stage research shows that lifestyle changes and certain chemicals can turn back cellular ageing, but the pill of youth is still many years away


30 Oct 2013 | BY Priyanka Pulla

GM crops can be developed responsibly, as India’s public sector shows, but are anti-Monsanto activists listening?


21 Sep 2013 | BY Priyanka Pulla

Did it really happen? A lesson in how India handles scientific debate


22 May 2013 | BY Priyanka Pulla

…for the trees. A startup called Afforestt shows how


21 Apr 2013 | BY Priyanka Pulla

Can this ancient, hidebound system survive the scrutiny of modern medicine?


1 Feb 2013 | BY Priyanka Pulla

Several Indians have collected Ig Nobel prizes over the years, awarded for seemingly ridiculous scientific research


1 Apr 2012 | BY Priyanka Pulla

What theoretical physics teaches us about the fish and fowl that collectively take our breath away by moving in such elegant formations


23 Feb 2012 | BY Priyanka Pulla
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