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An employee walks past an advertisement hoarding at the entrance of a garment factory on the outskirts of Delhi. This unit belongs to a company that exports apparel, a business sector in India that has been gaining a competitive edge in recent years over its counterparts in countries such as Bangladesh0

30 Sep 2014 | BY Raul Irani

Twenty-four-year-old Simmi stands in front of her salon in Faridabad, Haryana, which is probably the first beauty treatment centre run exclusively for transgenders in the National Capital Region. Pahal Foundation, an NGO which works with gay men as part of a community initiative to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS in Faridabad, funded the enterprise0

17 Sep 2014 | BY Raul Irani

Mohammed Aamir, photographed here offering prayers at his father’s grave, spent 14 years in jail for crimes he did not commit. In February 1998, at the age of 18, he was arrested from Old Delhi and charged with 17 counts of murder, terrorism and waging war against the nation. He was acquitted of all charges in 2012. He says that despite being alive and free, his family has been destroyed by the false charges. During his incarceration, his father, Hashim Khan, died of a heart attack, and his mother suffered a stroke that left her paralysed0

23 Jul 2014 | BY Raul Irani

It was a wrong number he dialled that hooked up Gaurav with Mohini for life.0

9 Jul 2014 | BY Raul Irani

A retired 76-year-old government officer, LD Chopra, breathes through an oxygen mask at his residence in New Delhi. For Chopra, an asthmatic patient, life depends on uninterrupted electricity supply. An unconscious Chopra was rushed to hospital on 31 May when thunderstorms disrupted power supply to his oxygen concentrator. Like Chopra’s residence in the east of the city, much of Delhi suffered long power outages after a spike in demand and damage to power lines caused by thunderstorms overwhelmed the grid.0

18 Jun 2014 | BY Raul Irani

When 90-year-old widower Mohammad Basheer met 80-year-old widow Rafiquan, it was love at first sight and he eventually married her. After his first wife passed away, Basheer had hoped that his seven sons would take care of him in his old age, but none was ready to take him to a doctor and buy medicines for him when he fell ill. They were only interested in his property, comprising a small house and a grocery shop in old Meerut and bank balance of Rs 50,000. “It was during this great crisis in my life that I met Rafiquan, who was in my town to attend a marriage ceremony.0

4 Jun 2014 | BY Raul Irani

Jahanvi, 8, with her mother Asha at their residence in the Loni area of Ghaziabad. Jahanvi’s father, Om Prakash Tiwari, 35, committed suicide a week ago and left behind a suicide note requesting Narendra Modi to take care of his daughter after his death. The note reads: ‘Dear Narendra Modi ji, you are going to become the Prime Minister of India. I am committing suicide due to financial problem. I request you to take care of my daughter after my death.’ He has also stated in his one-page note that nobody should be held responsible for his death0

7 May 2014 | BY Raul Irani

Inside the factory of Nadir Ali & Co, manufacturers of all types of brass band instruments. The company was founded in 1885, when founder Nadir Ali bought the remains of a ship carrying British made brass wind instruments0

17 Apr 2014 | BY Raul Irani

13 May, 2013 ~ After the demise of his wife, Tajammuli Begum, 78-year-old Saidul Hasan Qadri put his entire life savings of Rs 10 lakh in creating a replica of the Taj Mahal in the town of Dibai in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh. From his home, the former postmaster of Dibai has a clear view of the monument where he wants to be buried alongside his wife0

3 Apr 2014 | BY Raul Irani

Manohar Aich is 102 years old. He won the Mr Universe title in 1952. According to Associated Press, Aich continued to lift weights till the age of 99. However, the old man has been rather quiet of late. His family says he last spoke at length in an interview a few months ago, to the BBC. During the interview, he expressed his lasting regret at not having met five-time Mr Universe winer Arnold Schwarzenegger.0

18 Mar 2014 | BY Raul Irani
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