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Holi 2014, Varanasi0

25 Mar 2014 | BY Ronny Sen

A little girl sleeps on her sister’s lap in a village in Jharia, Jharkhand. Their parents are coal pickers.

An underground fire has been burning in Jharia for the last hundred years or so. The heat makes it almost unbearable to live in the region. Efforts to stop the fire have been in vain. That fire has now spread overground. The CPM recently told the 14th Finance Commission that the fire in the Jharia coalfields of Dhanbad should be considered a ‘national disaster’.


26 Feb 2014 | BY Ronny Sen

Conflict photographer Alain Buu speaks about his obsession with capturing war, and being imprisoned and tortured in Abu Ghraib


3 Jul 2013 | BY Ronny Sen

For a recent public service campaign, the Kolkata Police have apparently enlisted the help of The Beatles, making use of the iconic cover photo of their 1969 album Abbey Road, which features the four band members walking in tandem on a zebra crossing on London’s Abbey Road. Joint Commissioner of Traffic Police Supratim Sarkar told the BBC that the police wanted a catchy and appealing campaign. It seems they thought it would be a good idea to cash in on the universal popularity of The Beatles. However, this does not seem to have struck a chord with everyone.0

16 May 2013 | BY Ronny Sen

Shahidul Alam, on why he thinks India’s photography movement hasn’t taken off yet


30 Nov 2012 | BY Ronny Sen
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