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What families in Haryana will do to have a son. A witness’ account


22 Apr 2013 | BY Ruhani Kaur

It now seems like a distant nightmare: 26 December 2004, the day the Tsunami struck Deborah’s house in Car Nicobar. Today, the 17-year-old is celebrating her dream run of the best medal haul (one silver and two bronze) for an Indian cyclist in the junior category of the Hero Asian Cycling Championship. In her sparse Hindi and shy voice, she talks of a childhood filled with many a scramble up coconut trees and how carrying all those bundles down helped build her biceps.0

13 Mar 2013 | BY Ruhani Kaur

Stories of the extraordinary women of Afghanistan


22 Nov 2012 | BY Ruhani Kaur

My Sunday began uncharacteristically early, with a phone call from a police inspector.


15 Oct 2010 | BY Ruhani Kaur

Plastic surgeons at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center have turned the sunless tanning spray into an ‘internal Band-Aid’ that can seal the gaps that surgery leaves behind.


10 Jun 2010 | BY Ruhani Kaur

A church in Massachusetts plans a ‘perfect paws pet ministry’ that will hold a monthly worship service for dogs.


13 May 2010 | BY Ruhani Kaur

A stand-up comedian in the US has won the right to crack jokes on her in-laws.


13 May 2010 | BY Ruhani Kaur

Martin Parr doesn’t believe in the perfect pretty picture and uses the lens to dissect society.


4 Mar 2010 | BY Ruhani Kaur
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