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An extract from the book Sindh: Stories from a Vanished Homeland


20 Jan 2013 | BY Saaz Aggarwal

After more than a decade of dull books, John Grisham strikes his original form again with a deeply satisfying read


22 Dec 2011 | BY Saaz Aggarwal

The sadness, confusion and fear one felt as a young child never does go away, realised Saaz Aggarwal as she walked the corridors of the boarding school that was once her ‘home’


17 Nov 2011 | BY Saaz Aggarwal

As the disease tried to strip him of his dignity, her father fought back with his inimitable sense of humour


25 Aug 2011 | BY Saaz Aggarwal

The Pulitzer-nominated writer plots her latest biography, The Convert, in the style of a suspense thriller


26 May 2011 | BY Saaz Aggarwal

The ghostwriter whooshes out of the cupboard to tell her side of the story.


11 Feb 2010 | BY Saaz Aggarwal

Ayaan Hirsi Ali once supported the fatwa on Salman Rushdie. Today, she believes that the notion that the US is attacking Islam is a conspiracy theory.


3 Feb 2010 | BY Saaz Aggarwal

Five continents. Seventy five relatives. And an insightful journey to discover how we become who we are.


9 Dec 2009 | BY Saaz Aggarwal

If you loved Persepolis and wept over Not Without My Daughter, this one’s for you.


16 Oct 2009 | BY Saaz Aggarwal

Translating epics like Hoshruba, etching graphic novels and the Urdu Project. Farooqi has a lot on his plate and he’s loving it


8 Jul 2009 | BY Saaz Aggarwal
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