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Geetu Mohandas, director of India’s official pick for the best foreign film Oscar, on what drew her as an actor to the other side of the camera


19 Nov 2014 | BY Shahina KK

A stretch on NH 47 in Kerala has become a synonym for great music. Meet Thaikkudam Bridge


15 Oct 2014 | BY Shahina KK

Why it is no surprise that India’s first transgender news anchor works for a Tamil Nadu TV channel


10 Oct 2014 | BY Shahina KK

The comeback queen of Tamil Nadu reaches a dead end


1 Oct 2014 | BY Shahina KK

Jayalalithaa would be able to run the Government even from the central jail as she has proved her skills best in the art of backseat driving when a similar situation came up in 2000


29 Sep 2014 | BY Shahina KK

The dark art of healing is thriving in Kerala. We meet those who promise freedom from death, disease, demons, enemies—and their victims


21 Aug 2014 | BY Shahina KK

Partying at night in Kerala comes under the jackboot of cops with Marxist support


7 Aug 2014 | BY Shahina KK

The controversial chief of Dera Sacha Sauda finds a new spiritual market in Kerala


26 Jun 2014 | BY Shahina KK

Kerala’s soccer mania has had sons being named after international football legends


5 Jun 2014 | BY Shahina KK

Treasury theft, sexual assault and a death in the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple


25 Apr 2014 | BY Shahina KK
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