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The establishment frowns upon a Kerala cop’s candid poetry about the system, but she will not back down


11 Jul 2013 | BY Shahina KK

Kerala govt in trouble after arbitrarily lowering marriage age of Muslim women to 16


27 Jun 2013 | BY Shahina KK

For Divya and Ilavarasan, eloping meant sparking off forces beyond their imagination


26 Jun 2013 | BY Shahina KK

There are many settlements in Kerala’s Attappady tribal block that have only women, mostly widows with tragic lives. A close look at a peculiar imbalance


13 Jun 2013 | BY Shahina KK

Chithralekha, a Dalit woman autorickshaw driver in Kerala, has become an unwitting symbol of resistance against caste hegemony in her state


12 Jun 2013 | BY Shahina KK

Kerala CPI state secretary Pannian Raveendran maintains his mane for political gain


10 Jun 2013 | BY Shahina KK

The tyranny of Kerala’s labour unionism reaches the doorstep of a former Communist CM’s relative


23 May 2013 | BY Shahina KK

Cricket is dirty yet again and it’s time to go after those who might get away


23 May 2013

Kerala’s move to turn water over to the private sector promises to complicate the scarcity problem


8 May 2013 | BY Shahina KK

And the award goes to PC George of the Kerala Assembly


5 Apr 2013 | BY Shahina KK
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