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Madhuri Dixit claims she is boring and non-controversial in her real life but does not mind boldness in her roles. That is what drew her to Dedh Ishqiya


13 Jan 2014 | BY Shradha Sukumaran

In more than 30 years of showbiz journalism, Mohamed has seen it all. The film critic and director reveals how movie stars became his surrogate family


26 Dec 2013 | BY Shradha Sukumaran

Hard worker, Govinda fan, Kareena agnostic, non-reader, big dreamer and former chubby kid—Ranveer Singh is an unexpected movie star, and the surprise is entirely pleasant


2 Dec 2013 | BY Shradha Sukumaran

The world according to Sonu Nigam


4 Nov 2013 | BY Shradha Sukumaran

Love blooms or disintegrates, chief ministers sit ignored, drunken stars get sentimental and call each other ‘bro’


9 Sep 2013 | BY Shradha Sukumaran

Anonymous tweeters are taking the mickey out of superstars like Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan.


1 Oct 2010 | BY Shradha Sukumaran

He’s moody. He ditches. He can destroy careers. So what is it about Salman Khan that makes him so endearing?


3 Sep 2010 | BY Shradha Sukumaran

Amitabh Bachchan makes up with Salim Khan and credits the stalwart with shaping his career as a ‘Angry Young Man.’


26 Aug 2010 | BY Shradha Sukumaran

From adoption of kittens to underworld calls from Dubai, there’s an entire industry of spin doctors churning out fake news. 


20 Aug 2010 | BY Shradha Sukumaran

Open caught up with Angelina Jolie in Cancun, Mexico, and sought the woman behind the superstar.


22 Jul 2010 | BY Shradha Sukumaran
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