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Giving up mirrors for 31 days gave Sonali Kokra the time and space to reflect upon and reclaim her life.


17 Apr 2014 | BY Sonali Kokra

More than three decades after it was written, Penguin publishes the ‘thinking woman’s Fifty Shades’. But it fails to live up to its reputation


21 Aug 2013 | BY Sonali Kokra

A video project by American artist Clayton Cubitt explores the battle between mind and body, and the tension between art and sex


29 May 2013 | BY Sonali Kokra

The life of an Indian porn star who has moved up to C-grade cinema


21 Sep 2012 | BY Sonali Kokra

Critics have panned it. Even those hooked to the books admit there’s nothing much to the story. So what makes the Fifty Shades trilogy such a gasping success?


7 Sep 2012 | BY Sonali Kokra

Mints, deodorants, diamonds, bleach—words we never thought would be preceded by the word ‘vagina’. How the vagina is going glam and why


14 Jun 2012 | BY Sonali Kokra
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