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Shrikant Verma’s Magadh is brought to new life in Rahul Soni’s translucent translation. Reading it in modern-day ‘Magadh’ is a revelation


2 Dec 2013 | BY Sumana Roy

A Hindu devotional song calls out to Facebookers seen as sinners in need of redemption


15 May 2013 | BY Sumana Roy

Sumana Roy spends an afternoon in the company of a smuggler


13 Mar 2013 | BY Sumana Roy

Amit Chaudhuri’s window to Calcutta shows a city where incompatible things miraculously coexist


6 Mar 2013 | BY Sumana Roy

On the spontaneous literature of outrage the Delhi rape has evoked


11 Jan 2013 | BY Sumana Roy

The farce surrounding one of India’s most important roads, National Highway 31


20 Dec 2012 | BY Sumana Roy

The nocturnal gathering of insomniacs on a social networking site


3 Aug 2012 | BY Sumana Roy

Mamata Banerjee’s career has been bound to the automobile in strange ways. No wonder, then, the reader of her memoirs soon starts to play a game of car-spotting in the narrative


30 May 2012 | BY Sumana Roy

On Tagore is as much about reading Rabindranath as it is about Amit Chaudhuri reading himself as a reader


17 May 2012 | BY Sumana Roy

An investigation of the disappearance of visiting ghosts


22 Apr 2012 | BY Sumana Roy
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