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How translation from Indian languages to English is giving regional literature a dedicated new readership, turning linguistic rivals into potential allies


7 May 2015 | BY Trisha Gupta

The women whose imaginations currently fill Delhi’s Kiran Nadar Museum of Art are many things, their work an inventory of artistic possibility


2 Dec 2013 | BY Trisha Gupta

Truth and Theatre: Two recent exhibitions blur the distinction between portraiture and ‘performance’


18 Oct 2013 | BY Trisha Gupta

Twenty-eight contemporary artists explore the idea of home in terms of racial identity, sexuality and even languages that are dying out


27 Feb 2013 | BY Trisha Gupta

Richard Bartholomew, as a compilation of his writings reveals, was an art critic who didn’t let his friendships with the top artists of his time suppress his voice


14 Oct 2012 | BY Trisha Gupta

Project Cinema City excavates quirky connections between the Hindi film industry and the city of Bombay


31 Aug 2012 | BY Trisha Gupta

Spandan Banerjee’s National Award winning documentary traces the origins of a popular Bengali folk song and its strange journey across the world


16 Jul 2012 | BY Trisha Gupta

The Kalighat paintings were remarkable critiques of city life in early 19th century Calcutta, even when the subjects were ostensibly religious ones


30 May 2012 | BY Trisha Gupta

The fate of both peasants and animals in Ramkinkar Baij’s art is a record of change in a post-industrial world


1 Apr 2012 | BY Trisha Gupta

Rishi is the least Kapoor-like of the Kapoors: shorn of the family mannerisms and preoccupation with their image. Now, on the eve of turning 60, he is getting the roles of a lifetime and relishing them too


16 Feb 2012 | BY Trisha Gupta
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