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People playing 'Huranga' at Dauji temple in Mathura on Holi0

7 Mar 2015

February 10: National de-worming day for Delhi

12 Feb 2015 | BY Ullekh NP

India Art Fair 2015 showed signs of fatigue but there was plenty to please the patient viewer


5 Feb 2015 | BY Rajni George

In the valley after the deluge, the struggle of the living, the abandoned and the orphaned, is all about survival and coping with the loss. We listened to the sighs, sorrows and anger of a people still submerged in the memories of what one Kashmiri calls the ‘blood flood’


18 Sep 2014 | BY Chinki Sinha

As Saharanpur becomes another communal flashpoint in Uttar Pradesh, we follow the fault lines in a still volatile town


31 Jul 2014 | BY Aanchal Bansal

We travel through villages along the LoC in Jammu & Kashmir to chronicle lives scarred by the never ending hostilities between India and Pakistan


30 Jul 2014 | BY Mihir Srivastava

The Rashtrapati Bhavan is shedding its imperial attitude and opening its splendid doors to hoi polloi. On the eve of the second anniversary of the Pranab Mukherjee presidency, Open takes a tour of the House that is changing


17 Jul 2014 | BY Sunaina Kumar

How the Finance Minister drafted his first budget and his own indispensability to the Modi agenda


11 Jul 2014 | BY Ullekh NP

Police forces in the state are caught in a vortex of drugs and politics. Is there a way out?


26 Jun 2014 | BY Mihir Srivastava

We travelled to the UP village of Katra Sadatganj where two girls were allegedly raped and then hanged. The story that emerges from whispers of the villagers and conflicting versions of the police only multiplies the horror


5 Jun 2014 | BY Gunjeet Sra
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