under Andhra Pradesh

As the debate over Telangana rages, the Andhra Chief Minister is gearing up for battle


24 Jan 2014 | BY K Naresh Kumar

Out of jail, Jagan bats for a united Andhra and Modi


2 Oct 2013 | BY Anil Budur Lulla

Maoists sneaking into Andhra Pradesh for medical treatment are falling into a police trap


12 Jun 2013 | BY Anil Budur Lulla

The Maoist plan of revival in an erstwhile bastion now looks bleak


24 Apr 2013 | BY Rahul Pandita

His aim is to replace the Congress in the state while supporting it at the national level


21 Mar 2013 | BY Anil Budur Lulla

Senior leaders offer different arguments for and against Telengana, but remain worried about the irreparable damage done to the party in the state


30 Jan 2013 | BY Dhirendra K Jha

After its Andhra bypoll setback, the Congress prepares to sing a new Telangana tune


28 Jun 2012 | BY Anil Budur Lulla

With Jagan in jail, his sister Sharmila takes the state by storm as the Congress and TDP try obscuring YSR’s legacy


7 Jun 2012 | BY Anil Budur Lulla

Pedulla Srinivas’s anthem against HIV is a viral sensation


3 Jun 2012 | BY Shruti Ravindran

Women in Andhra Pradesh file a police complaint for being paid less to vote


23 Apr 2012 | BY Anil Budur Lulla
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