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What happens when the leading alliances in Bihar are biased towards fielding Yadav candidates


1 Oct 2015 | BY Kumar Anshuman in Patna

As the state gears up for its first phase of voting on 12 October, EVM prototypes are selling like hot cakes as awareness material


30 Sep 2015 | BY Kumar Anshuman

Narendra Modi’s next phase of modernisation will begin from the backwardness of Bihar


24 Sep 2015 | BY PR Ramesh

Devoid of ideas and dismissive of its own legacy, the Congress, its social base fast eroding, faces its biggest leadership crisis


20 Aug 2015 | BY PR Ramesh and Ullekh NP

She has warned that Hajj pilgrims would be targeted for attack if Amarnath Yatra pilgrims face any trouble from J&K separatists


2 Jul 2015

In Kerala, BJP has just one face: O Rajagopal, an 84-year-old who is contesting yet another election despite eight earlier defeats


17 Jun 2015 | BY Shahina KK

An election that is as crucial for the convenient partnership of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad as it is for Narendra Modi


11 Jun 2015 | BY Ullekh NP

Seeing the Centre dither even after it allotted Rs 1,000 crore to the scheme last July, a massive protest rally has been announced for 14 June


11 Jun 2015

Why Modi's forthcoming visit to Israel will be a historical correction


4 Jun 2015 | BY S Prasannarajan
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