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But letting the likes of Yogi Adityanath go berserk can ruin the BJP’s dreams of reviving a hollow organisation and sustaining the magic of Modi on the stump


18 Sep 2014 | BY Ullekh NP

From UPA rule to NDA, the transition has been dramatic. But Modi needs to understand the inherent value of dissent


28 Aug 2014 | BY Shiv Visvanathan

The warrior president of the BJP is all set for his second battle. Inside the new saffron high command


21 Aug 2014 | BY PR Ramesh and Ullekh NP

With the coming of Narendra Modi and his man Friday Amit Shah, the 63-year-old party has experienced a drastic revamp


18 Aug 2014 | BY Shruti Vyas

It is very easy to bug—and to get bugged. Inside the world of everyday spying


31 Jul 2014 | BY Ullekh NP

Arun Jaitley’s maiden Budget lays the foundation for growth on the wreckage left behind by his predecessor


10 Jul 2014 | BY Dhiraj Nayyar

Vivekananda International Foundation has become a talent supplier to the Modi regime


29 May 2014 | BY Sunaina Kumar

It is being said that the BJP is prepared to break off the alliance


29 May 2014

One should never underestimate the power of the young. And the 2014 General Election was as much about hope and change as it was about the grit and determination of India's youngistan. For long, they had been shunned for being apolitical and unmindful of the country’s future. But one does not need to be a rocket scientist to understand the verdict of the Dil Mange More generation. 0

19 May 2014 | BY Shruti Vyas

The man, the mind, the mandate and the mission...


17 May 2014 | BY PR Ramesh and Ullekh NP
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